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1998: Ten Dollar Silver Proof Coins - Melbourne, Australia

Price: $ 90.00
MPN: Box 22

1998:  Ten Dollar Silver Coins - Melbourne, Australia

This two coin set recognises the beauty, variety and individuality of one of the world's great cities:  Melbourne, capital city of Victoria.  The set depicts two of Melbourne's most recognisable icons.  Featured on the first of these unique coins is the evocative image of one of Melbourne's most well-known landmarks, the Melbourne Cricket ground, or the MCG as it is more commonly known.  From the grandeur and excitement of the 1956 Olympic Games, to test cricket and the fervour of the Australian Football League, the stadium has become a regular focal point of Australia's and even the world's attention.

The trams of Melbourne are the quintessential icon of the Victorian Capital.  The second coin features the splendidly realised image of the Melbourne tram, with the instantly recognisable spire of the Victorian Arts Centre - a city landmark in its own right - towering in the background.

These powerful images of Melbourne have helped define it as a city steeped in culture and history.

The coins are housed in original RAM packaging with certificate of authenticity.
This silver proof coin is presented in an attractive box with a Certificate of Authenticity.