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2003: $5 Finale Hologram Proof - 'Volunteers'

Price: $ 90.00
MPN: Box 5

2003: $5 Finale Hologram Proof - 'Volunteers'.

This spectacular $5 silver proof coin marks the third and final release in the Mint’s hologram 'Finale' series.

In 2003, the Mint celebrated ‘Australia’s Volunteers – Making a Difference’, and as such it is fitting that the 'Finale' coin should reflect the service of Australia’s Volunteers and their commitment to the community.  The hologram brings to life the faces of three ordinary Australians, symbolising that anyone can contribute to our community as a volunteer.  As the coin is turned or tilted, an array of images surrounds the three faces – images signifying the variety of duties that volunteers carry out; from aged care and looking after our disadvantaged youth, to fighting bushfires and conserving our environment for the benefit of future generations. Surrounding the hologram image, designer Vladimir Gottwald has sculpted an intricate combination of interlocking patterns, representative of our community working together, an example being the work carried out by Australia’s Volunteers.  It is rare to find a numismatic issue that combines the striking beauty of a silver proof coin, cutting-edge technology and a theme all Australians can relate to.

Adding to the excitement that this issue is sure to generate, is the worldwide mintage limited to only 15,000 and the fact that it is the last coin of the 3-year ‘Finale’ hologram series.