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2001: Norfolk Island - 2 Coin Unc. Shipper - Centenary of Federation

Price: $ 40.00

The 50c and 20c coins in this set tread new numismatic ground as the first ever coins produced for this external self-governing Territory of Australia.  The 20c coin was designed by student Megan Cummings from Norfolk Island Central School and tells the story of the Island’s people.  The bird in the design refers to the white terns, the sun is a reflection of the beautiful weather, an anchor denotes the historic HMS Sirius (which became shipwrecked off the Island’s coast in 1790), a ship refers to the monthly delivery of supplies to the island, and a fish represents the marine life.  At the centre is an outline of the Pacific Ocean island against a silhouette of the Territory’s symbol, the Norfolk Pine.

On the 50c coin is the Territory’s Coat of Arms, bearing the Norfolk Pine with two stars shimmering on either side, relating to the Coats of Arms of the Island’s European discoverer (Captain James Cook), those of NSW and of Australia.  Supporting the shield are Australia’s kangaroo and Britain’s lion.