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Tasmanian Women's Amateur Athletic Association Silver Medal Unnamed - STOKES MELB type

Price: $ 5.00
MPN: Box 41
Silver Medal (unnamed) produced by Stokes Melbourne for Tasmanian Women's Amateur Athletic Association.

Diameter 47mm
Depth 5mm

Obverse TASMANIAN WOMEN'S AMATEUR ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION, image of female athlete running
Reverse Oak leaf with blank inner, STOKES MELB under wreath

The Tasmanian Women’s Amateur Athletic Association (TWAAA) formed in the 1935. Prior to 1935, females wishing to participate in athletics had really only two options – compete in schoolgirls competition or to take part in meets under the auspices of the men’s body – the Tasmanian AAA.  Whilst it enabled Tasmanian women to compete nationally, it did not succeed in receiving support locally. Educational authorities and many teachers, among others, were opposed to the promotion of track and field activities for young women. The association went into recess after two seasons in 1937.   The War had changed attitudes and women were more welcome to engage in athletic pursuits.  The association was reformed in 1951.  For those vital 30 years from 1951 to 1981*, the TWAAA ensured that athletics was available to thousands of Tasmanian women and girls. (* Athletics Tasmania formed).

The TWAAA was inducted onto the Tasmanian Honour Roll of Women in March 2021. The Honour Roll acknowledges individuals and organisations who have made an outstanding contribution to Tasmania.