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Real Photo Postcards - Four Cards - Picturegoer Series, Colourgraph Series and Autograph Series - Constance Bennett

Postcards - Constance Bennett A
Postcards - Constance Bennett B
Price: $ 20.00
MPN: Box 41

Real Photo Postcards - Constance Bennett

Constance Campbell Bennett (October 22, 1904 – July 24, 1965) was an American stage, film, radio, and television actress and producer. She was a major Hollywood star during the 1920s and 1930s; during the early 1930s, she was the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. (ex Wikipedia)

Postcard 1 
Photo uncredited.  Picturegoer Series.  No 254b

Postcard 2 
Photo uncredited.  Picturegoer Series.  No 254c

Postcard 3
Photo uncredited.  Colourgraph Series.  No C 61

Postcard 4
Photo uncredited.  Autograph Series.  No A18

Condition - Very good.