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Real Photo Postcards - Two Cards - Picturegoer Series - Clive Brook

Price: $ 10.00
MPN: Box 41

Real Photo Postcards - Clive Brook

Clifford Hardman "Clive" Brook (1 June 1887 – 17 November 1974) was an English film actor.

After making his first screen appearance in 1920, Brook emerged as a leading British actor in the early 1920s. After moving to the United States in 1924, Brook became one of the major stars for Paramount Pictures in the late silent era. During 1928–29 he successfully made the transition to sound and continued to be featured in many of Hollywood's most prestigious films, including a number of literary adaptations. In the mid-1930s he returned to England, where he appeared regularly in leading film roles for a further decade.  (ex Wikipedia)

Postcard 1
Photo Paramount.  Back is blank.

Postcard 2
Photo Paramount.  British Manufacture.  Picturegoer Series.  No 613

Condition - Very good.  Some minor imperfections on backs.  See photo provided.