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Stock Sheets: Single-sided, seven strips (Pack of 10)

Price: $ 19.00

Stock Sheets: Single-sided, seven strips (Pack of 10).

The Prinz System (manufactured in Germany) is the 
name given to the loose leaf stock sheet system.  Made from PH-neutral card and covered with polyester strips, the foil strips completely cover the stamp and avoid the need for extra interleaves.  These pages are free of harmful chemicals and offer proven safe storage and protection.

The Prinz™ System allows an album display to be 'custom built' to any precise requirement.  Individual stamp layouts can be arranged to an infinite choice of display.

Also very good for first day covers, banknotes, documents, paper ephemera, etc.  We prefer these to Hagner or Kanga.

Double sided and extra wide pages are also available.

Prinz System