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2001: Lord Howe Island - Palms - Cover

Price: $ 20.00

2001: Palms of Lord Howe Island - Commemorative Limited Cover (62 of 1,000).

Lord Howe Island is a part of New South Wales, located in the South Pacific some 700 kilometres north-east of Sydney.

The Lord Howe Island Courier Post was established in December, 1998, with the primary objective of providing a zero emission mail and parcel delivery service for their unique world-heritage island and its residents and visitors.

Australia Post doesn't make home deliveries on Lord Howe Island so everyone has to go to the local post office to collect or send mail.  The Courier Post has, therefore, set out to provide a complimentary (not competitive) service with Australia Post.

This MNH block of four features palms of Lord Howe Island:
Kentia or Thatch Palm (Howea forsteriana)
Curly Palm (Howea belmoreana)
Big Mountain Palm (Hedyseepe canterburryana)
Little Mountain Palm (Lepidorrhachis mooreana).